Sampling 101: Art of Noise – Moments in Love

Sampling 101:

Art of Noise – Moments in Love

Much of hip hop sampled old school R&B or disco.  So its always refreshing when the genre goes outside the box to sample something different.   Enter a staple on smooth jazz stations…..”Moments of Love” created by the English group Art of Noise.  They mainly created instrumentals and “Moments of Love” was no different.  This was a 10 minute instrumental which taps into human sensuality.   You know this song.  Hip hop would soon take notice of this creation and began sampling with varying results. Let’s check a couple of them out.


Who Sampled It Best ?

1. King Sun– Hey Love

The first time I ever heard “Moments in Love” in a hip hop song was 1987’s “Hey Love”.  It was the stoic King Sun penned one of hip hops first love songs which appeared on his debut album, XL.  He kicked some serious game in this song with lines like:

The feeling that I have is much too strong

If loving you is wrong, then I guess I’m wrong.

Who wants to be right, I just want you

If only you knew what you put me through

My eyes behold the woman im looking for

It’s you, you’re the girl I adore.

I can’t front, I stole those words, and wrote a poem for Akaiya in the 7th grade.  Man I was into her.   The Art of Noise sample was the perfect backdrop for Sun to profess his love and also provided a unique experience because of the obscure sample.   This is classic hip hop folks.

King Sun – Hey Love

2. Kilo– Lay Your Head On My Pillow

Remember Kilo?  Maybe you recognize him by his second moniker, Kilo Ali.  He started as a 17 year old that was one of the first rappers that repped Atlanta.  But the soundscape for that region hadn’t been defined just yet, so Kilo’s music sounds like the bass music that Miami was known for.   His first album, 1990’s  America Has a Problem included a sex charged tune that also sampled “Moments in Love.”   “Lay Your Head on my Pillow” started with Kilo meeting a chick and ended with sending her to straight to the land of ecstasy.  The use of the sample was memorable and used a bit differently than King Sun’s.

Kilo – Lay Your Head On My Pillow

3. Nas– Amongst Kings

Amongst Kings” is one of my favorites from the extensive discography from the God’s Son, Nas.   The single was released somewhere in 90’s, and made it on an official release in 2011.  Last Real Nigga Alive included a plethora of unreleased gems from Nas and “Amongst Kings” was one of them.  The song is powerful for a couple different reasons.  Nas tells the story of him dying, pleading with the Almighty to let him through the pearly gates, then re emerges as Gods’ Son….Nastradamas.  Now I could probably have an in depth discussion of the song and offend my mother and other Christians, so lets discuss the real story here.  The use of “Moments In Time.”  His production team decided to do something different.  They picked out a piece of the timeless tune and created something new.   Start to listen at 5:34 of the original and you will see the magic.

Nas – Amongst Kings

4. Krayzie Bone– Mo Murder

Bone Thugs- n-Harmony definitely made a big splash in the hip hop pool during the 90s….and even spawned one of the greatest singles of all time “Crossroads.”  Their success led to various solo projects and they even put together a compilation of their crew and aptly named the super group…Mo Thugs.  The supergroup included multiple rappers, groups and even had a couple singers on board.  Their first album, 1996’s Family Scriptures featured a single that utilized the beloved Art of Noise sample on “Mo Murder.”   This was a solo trek for the general, Krayzie Bone as he got melodic throughout the entire song.

Krayzie Bone – Mo Murder (Mo Thugs: Family Scriptures)

5. Krayze Bone– Murder Mo

The same vibe and sample was captured a few years later on his solo album Thug Mentality 1999.  “Murder Mo” was pretty much a continuation of his beautifully violent melodies over the timeless sample.

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Krayzie Bone – Murda Mo

Krayzie Bone” does it best

Either version.  I really want to say Nas.  I really do.  He is my favorite MC of all time.  His superior lyricism and brilliant use of the sample seems magical.  Krayzie’s crooning however  seems like it was born to flow over “Moments in Love”… so much in fact we have a couple versions.

Rap A Lot female MC, Choice got pornographic on “Pipe Dreams.”  LL Cool J used the sample when he remixed 1996’s ‘Doin It.”  Snoop Dogg rhymed over the sample on “In Love With a Thug.”  R& B guys Mario and Lloyd both used this beautiful tune as tapestry for their creations.  A host of other peeps used this familiar backdrop for their music.  But me answer this, whether your choice is above or not… Who Sampled It Best?

Who Sampled It Best? is a weekly column that delves into the background of sampling and Hip-Hop culture by taking a deeper look at it’s roots.

Have a suggestion? Hit us up with your favorite tracks that used the same sample and we’ll break it down.

Sampling 101: Art of Noise – Moments in Love

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