Prince’s Influence on 2Pac


Prince’s Influence on 2Pac

It has been a month since Prince left us, and we are still mourning the loss of this musical genius.  Then on May 2nd we find out that Afeni Shakur passed away,  The mother of the great Tupac Shakur made us remember how much 2Pac loved Prince.  In a “love letter” that 2pac hand wrote in high school (and is now being sold at auction), the young Shakur proclaims “We both love Prince” in the hopes to get a girl to notice him.  On an earlier blog I wrote about 10 Hip Hop tracks that sampled Prince, so now we will focus on eight 2Pac tracks that sampled Prince!

Do Me Baby / To Live and Die in LA

On “To Live and Die in LA” Pac takes Prince’s “Do Me Baby” and speeds it up as he rhymes about his dedication and love for his favorite city Los Angeles.  Any other sample wouldn’t be good enough for this track!

Darling Nikki / Heartz of Men

Heartz of Men” uses a sample of “Darling Nikki” from Prince’s Purple Rain album.

Pop Life / Pac’s Life

Pop Life” was a huge track in the Prince catalog and Pac takes it for his “Pac’s Life” track that was released after he passed away!

When Doves Cry / When Thugs Cry

When Thugs Cry” is a clever interpolation of one of Prince’s biggest hits “When Doves Cry“.

If I Was Your Girlfriend / Thugs Get Lonely Too

The combination of 2Pac and Prince on a track is lethal!  If only these guys could’ve gone into a studio to record a track it would’ve been epic.  “Thugs Get Lonely Too” uses Prince’s dope beat on “If I Was Your Girlfriend” and makes it a must listen!

The Ladder / I Get Around

2Pac scored one of his earliest hits with “I Get Around” where one of Pac’s lines “Now everybody’s looking for The Ladder” is a reference to Princes “The Ladder” track.

777-9311 / What’s Ya Phone #

The last 2 tracks that Pac sampled are not Prince tracks but tracks that Prince produced for his group The Time with Morris Day.  The first is The Times “777-9311” that was sampled on Pac’s appropriately titled “What’s Ya Phone #“.

Get It Up / Is It Cool

The second track that sampled The Time was their classic “Get It Up” for Pac’s unreleased track “Is It Cool“.

As you can see, 2Pac had mad love for Prince and sampled his music numerous times.  It is true that some tracks were produced after his death and while Pac maybe did not intend to use those samples, I don’t think Pac would’ve declined.  He also didn’t produce the tracks, but if he did not like the beat, I doubt he would’ve flowed on that track!  RIP 2Pac.  RIP Prince.  Your memories and music will live with us forever!

-Al E.

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