“Modern Day Gangsta” Tragedy w/ KRS-One & A.G.

“Modern Day Gangsta” Tragedy w/ KRS-One & A.G.: “Modern Day Gangsta” has 3 artists that fall right into the “Back In The Day Buffet” category with Tragedy Khadafi who was kicking it back in 1987 on Cold Chillin’s Juice Crew as Tragedy the Intelligent. Boogie Down Productions own KRS-One and the Andre The Giant from D.I.T.C & 2nd half of Showbiz and A.G.. Throw this all over a Stricknine producer track to get the finished product “Modern Day Gangsta”. Tragedy plans to drop an album this summer, and hasn’t given us the title yet, but he did just drop this singe on us from the upcoming album.

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