M-Dot – Road Trip (prod. by Soulslicers)

M-Dot – Road Trip (prod. by Soulslicers)

Boston MC M-Dot has been getting flown to perform abroad since 2008, and illustrates some of his experiences on ‘Road Trip‘. Soulslicers man the drums, while footage is extracted from Switzerland during Dot’s 5th Euro tour. Scratches courtesy of DJ Ronfa.

Music industry tour-life is something that most people would trade their 9-5’s in for without hesitation. The bright lights, the groupies, the VIP treatment are all intriguing lures. Nevertheless, for an underground hip-hop artist the travel accommodations in America can be significantly less glamorous to say the least. In spite of that Europe has conversely been a place of sanction for true lyricists to travel abroad and create cult-followings.

Look for M-Dot’s highly anticipated double album ‘egO anD The eneMy‘ due out this year.  Production features Snowgoons, Khrysis, Marco Polo, Buckwild, Marley Marl, Jon Glass and more!

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M-Dot – Road Trip (prod. by Soulslicers)

Directed by Dan Slicenberg & Sylvain Geinoz
Written by M-Dot
Produced by Soulslicers
Cuts by DJ Ronfa
Mastered by Bryce “Quiz” Quinn
Shot on location in Switzerland

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