M-Dot – No Excuses (prod by Snowgoons)

Long-time collaborators M-Dot & Snowgoons come together again for the motivationally driven “No Excuses“. The German producer team lay down infectious drums for M-Dot who obliges with verbal acrobatics all the while delivering a message to the lazy…..Stop Making EXCUSES & GO GET IT! Video coming soon….

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M-Dot – No Excuses (prod by Snowgoons)

Verse 1:

I remember the first time I heard a rap, I wanted in

No feet up on the ottoman

No days off or partying

I studied it!!

Crafted a style that nobody spit

Not focused on the money tip

Was focused on the love of it/

It’s dope to look back

Cyphers in the back-street

Writing in my last sheets

Poems in my book bag/

We always wondered how far we’d take it with the mic

Barely slept a lick at night

Trying to pick a hit to write

U gotta figure right

To shine up on a bigger light

Your mind is on the thinking like

There’s never time to blink at night


There’s no in-between

Flowing out the kerosene

Moments been embarrassing

But I….stuck with it

Even when my trust didn’t

Took time off grabbed the mic…Blew off the dust in it!!/

I guess I wanted it

Dreamt of it when I was out of it

My pen ignites a lava tip

Defensive & survivalist

My friends always rooted for me

Hoping that I flew to glory

Back to future new Delorean

To tell my story man

I worked harder finding nirvana

In all my choices made

Voice amazed, no “blue feel”

Like I’m Boise State/


There’s no in-between

Dancing on the balance beam

Chances are you salary is not what you thought it be

Hope’d you hit the lottery

Looking for the easy-pass

Cruise thru free at last/

It’s not that simple though

Like dealing or to pimp a hoe

My feeling is to rip a flow integral kill with syllables my physical my mind-state is built to define great

Spread my ashes out spilt on the 5 lakes//

Let the music talk

The match I knew it spark

The last to spew his heart

My raps are true to art

I passed these dudes with bars

Outclassed their stupid lies

My task to euthanize

These cats who ruin minds///


I knew you didn’t want it….

I can tell man

Wake up in the morn hunger is gone. NO EXCUSES

It’s the same old sob act

You quit already now you can’t get your job back/

I knew you weren’t for real…

I can tell dude

Always gone when it’s time to perform. NO EXCUSES

It’s the same old sob act

You quit when you’re down never fight or claw back/

Verse 2:

You on the sideline think it’s all a cakewalk, lines how you slang rock

Anything to takeoff

But you didn’t work for it

Never fought for it

Thought you fast forward

Skip steps till the facts sorted/

That’s typical now

Don’t spit it profound

Spit about.. gripping the pound wit clips in the round…. BLOW!!


There’s no in-between

Thinking if you mimic me you’ll end up in a limousine…

Heading to the next show

Telling friends you’re gonna shine how you’re gonna put in time


You trying to climb the ladder but you taking elevators ain’t ready for center stages don’t be giving bent out faces cuz you know it’s time to face it, & you know it’s true

Been ten years spitting someone woulda noticed you/

You in the same place cuz you thought it happened easy

Wake up write a few bars..rap on TV…

M-Dot – No Excuses (prod by Snowgoons)

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