Lupe Fiasco – Stellar Light

Lupe Fiasco – Stellar Light
Lupe Fiasco just released the full video for “Stellar Light” which was used for the 2014 Men’s National World Cup Team. Lupe was Fifa’s World Cup music director and hand picked the songs to correlate with the official soundtrack. A Snippet was released last year, but now that Lupe has finally finished off his latest project “Tetsuo & Youth” “Album Review” he has time to drop the full version on us.

Lupe Fiasco – Stellar Light LYRICS

[Hook: Jason Gill]
We can have the world shining in stellar, stellar light
We can make our dreams brighter in stellar, stellar light
Crossing the sun together, we are the ones to make it
We can have the world shining in stellar, in stellar light

[Verse: Lupe Fiasco]
In the new better, Lu ether, Lu effort like two extras
Four actors, no rappers, hundred takes for a hundred keeps
I went a hundred straight for a hundred weeks
That’s too real from a projector
Set trippin’ ’em black kid and put a light beam on that white screen
Black sport, take that boy pay, that’s oy vey but I take that
Make great rap, I can [Censored] then bake that and you can cake back
I felt like I Superman with his cape trapped
Then Lu perform in no uniform in my human form
And still super to ’em so you safe at
Mi casa es su casa, throw a ball where your base at
In the worst case, they at first base cause I threw a ball where they face at
And they don’t want seconds, I was so sick that I threw up all where their plate at
If the money small, then we money ball, and put us all in first place at


Johnny V

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