Kidd Called Quest & King Righteous “Young Black And Restless”

Kidd Called Quest & King Righteous “Young Black And Restless”

Jason Martin -a talented hip hop producer and extraordinaire also known as Kidd Called Quest- teams up with Ross Lee Henderson aka King Righteous to bring us “Young Black And Restless”.

King Righteous born November 19th 1989 in Rochester New York started rapping at the age of 6, influenced by NAS, Big L, Big Pun, Notorious BIG, 2Pac and Jay Z. Music has been extremely important in his life and he has always used rapping as a way to express himself thru the good and bad times. By the time he hit 12 years old he was recording music in the studio and had his first public performance at 15. His father was a great musician known for his skills on the keyboards and played in various bands. King did try a number of instruments but always came back to rapping. His music relates to his life experiences and it comes thru in his lyrics. Many local battle raps have been won by King thru the years and these battles have strengthened his abilities to write better lyrics and become more versatile. “No Music, No Me” these 4 words describes the dedication and seriousness that King Righteous lives by.

Originally dubbed Jay Quest by friends, Jason later changed his name to Kidd Called Quest to clear up confusion since a few other artist shared the same name. He has produced and worked with big artists such as Big Shug, Reks, Sky Zoo, J Hood, Craig G and Big Pooh. Anyone who has worked with Kidd has had nothing but good things to say about him, and it’s been said that he captures the classic sound of hardcore East Coast hip-hop in his music. The multi talented producer is also a successful entrepreneur by selling over 5,000 of his own instrumental CD’s.

The album begins with a cut from an old Damon Dash interview over a piano loop. Dame talks about getting his first couple grams and re-upping and flipping his money, and how the dope game and the rap game are very similar. “Dope Moves” has King Righteous throwing down street lines as Kidd Called Quest lays the tracks with a dark keyboard beat. “Way To Make A Killing” has a rock chorus from guest PaulyMono and a verse from Azariah. Another piano loop, which Kidd has perfected, plays thru the track while King Righteous kills his lines and flows perfectly in sync. “We Aint The Same” has KR telling more street stories that he lives thru everyday as Kidd lays a slower beat with an angelic voice loop in the background. “Grimey Money” is a game changer, KR is back and fourth in this song rapping in a different voice as a gang leader and his side kick as they plan a robbery on another crew. The lines are engaging and KR does a great job at telling the story, this all happens over a CNN (Capone N Noreaga) “Bloody Money” remake beat which makes the song an instant relatable hit and one of the top songs on the album.

Grimy Money

“Ride With A G” is when KR really impressed me with his flow, lines and the clarity of his delivery. “The Game” continues on the street journey that KR brings us on. “I’m so KR” has one of the catchiest hooks on the album as KR explains how he did things that he hasn’t always been proud of, but it is part of his come up and what made him. “Strong Arm Robbery” is exactly as the title states, KR raps about people who just bought their chains and watches, and thanks them for the new stuff as he robs them. The album comes to an end with “Woke Up This Morning”, this smooth beat with a catchy hook is one of the top songs on the album. In an interview with DJWorksHard Kidd told us that most of the cd was King just freestyling and that “Woke Up This Morning” was no different. Kidd said the song went pretty quick, but the hook was a different story and they spent a week trying to come up with it. They wanted a catchy hook to compliment the song, and listened to Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” for inspiration.

KR comes from the streets and he conveys that in his music. Kidd lays down the tracks that allow us to journey thru the streets with them. It’s a deadly combination, the two work wonders together and the album impresses me more and more with every rotation. The first time thru I found myself hitting repeat on “Woke Up This Morning”, “Grimey Money”, and “I’m So KR”. Then after listening to the album a few times “Strong Arm Robbery”, “Way To Make A Killing’” and “We Ain’t The Same” all had worked themselves into my normal rotation. The album has a hood vibe with King Righteous teaching us the rules of the streets and Kidd Called Quest works his magic to deliver KR’s lyrics to us with a bow wrapped around them!

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