Hip-Hop’s One Hit Wonders – March Madness Challenge

Hip-Hop’s One Hit Wonders – March Madness Challenge

With the 2016 NCAA March Madness underway, it’s that time again.  We bring to you “Hip-Hop’s One Hit Wonders – The March Madness Challenge.”  The Back In The Day Buffet team has compiled a list of 24 of Hip-Hop’s Greatest One Hit Wonders into an NCAA March Madness style bracket challenge.

First we have to establish some criteria:

The definition of a “one hit wonder” is an artist that has had only ONE Top 40 hit.  Unfortunately for this game, artists like Digital Underground, Vanilla Ice and Snow have each had two Top 40 hits, respectively.  Other artists like Lil Troy, Apache, Souls of Mischief and Black Rob have all had only one Billboard Hit, but none in the Top 40.

The Back In The Day Buffet team has spent numerous hours scanning the internet for billboard charts and articles to compile a list of the best hip-hop one-hit wonders.  The fairest way (if there is such a thing) we could come up with was to arrange the artists based on where the song charted on the Billboard 100.  Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and Ini Kamoze’s “Here comes The Hotstepper” were both #1 hits.

The first round of matchups is as follows:

#1 Sir Mix-A-Lot “Baby Got Back” VS #35 EU “Doin’ The Butt”

#1 Ini Kamoze “Here Comes The Hotstepper” VS #32 Lady of Rage “Afro Puffs”

#2 Mark Morrison “Return of the Mack” VS #30 DJ Kool “Let Me Clear My Throat”

#2 Tag Team “Whoomp (There It Is)” VS #26 Ahmad “Back In The Day”

#2 Wreckx-n-Effect “Rump Shaker” VS #22 Shade Sheist “This Is Where I Wanna Be”

#8 Luniz “I Got 5 On It” VS #21 MC Brains “Oochie Coochie”

#9 Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby” VS #18 Crucial Conflict “Hay”

#9 Candyman “Knockin’ Boots” VS #15 Freak Nasty “Da Dip”

#9 Biz Markie “Just A Friend” VS #15 Pras “Ghetto Superstar”

#10 Paperboy “Ditty” VS #14 N2Deep “Back To The Hotel”

#12 Duice “Dazzey Duks” VS #14 Positive K “I Got A Man”

#12 Sporty Thievz “No Pigeons” VS #13 Skee-Lo “I Wish”

Most of the artists that made this challenge have not only gone on to release multiple albums, but have had success outside of their “one hit wonder.”  Again, technically a one hit wonder is an artist who has had only ONE Billboard Top 40 hit.

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  • A side note to this contest.  Technically House of Pain has only one Top 40 hit with “Jump Around” reaching #3 on the Billboard Charts, but in order to have even matchups we needed to eliminate a matchup to keep it even.  It came down to House of Pain and Rob Base & DJ EZ-RoThe argument among the staff was that House of Pain were arguably the most successful with albums sales and overall success that they should be the one voted off the list.  Biz Markie was noted for career success and longevity, but ultimately a one-hit wonder nonetheless.


The One Hit Wonders – March Madness Challenge starts Monday March 21st and you can vote by commenting on Facebook or here on the site!


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