Gang Starr – “Daily Operation” Album Anniversary

Gang Starr – “Daily Operation” Album Anniversary

Gang Starr released their third studio album “Daily Operation” on May 5 1992.  The album contains 18 tracks all produced by the great DJ Premier.

Every Gang Starr album is worth buying and more importantly analyzing and memorizing.  The combination of dope beats and fly rhymes make every Gang Starr album a must buy.

The first single “Ex Girl To Next Girl” is a fly love song just like “Love Sick” on the previous album, with a dope jazz beat.  He breaks down his relationship problems and the advice his dad once gave him.

“You saw my mom in the supermarket and gave her your number
you asked how’s my sister then asked how’s my brother
didn’t ask about my father cuz you know he ain’t like ya
every time I left for your crib yo he’d really get hyper
the advice he used to give me makes much sense now
I can’t believe I used to let you break my confidence down
you used to ask me why the hell did I wanna live in Brooklyn?
you messed up my flow although you were good-lookin'”

On “Take it Personal” Premier reworks the Skull Snaps “It’s A New Day” and makes it even funkier!  Guru then comes in and does what he always does…drop dope rhymes!

“I never thought that you would crab me
Undermine me, and backstab me
But I can see clearly now the rain is gone
The pain is gone but what you did was still wrong
There was a few times I needed your support
But you tried to play me like an indoor sport
like racquetball, tennis, fool, whatever
All I know is you attempted to be clever

The posse cut “I’m The Man” is the highlight of this album.  Premier customizes each rappers flows as the beat changes from Guru, to Lil Dap, to Jeru The Damaja which makes his first appearance and absolutely kills it!

“Dirty Rotten Scoundrel and my name is Jeru
utilizing my tools in ’92
MC’s step up in mobs to defeat us
when we rock knots and got props like Norm Peterson
lot’s of friends, lot’s of fun, lots of beers
got the skills, kreeno so I always get cheers
troop on like a trooper no tears for fears
I’m a get mines cuz the crew’ll get theirs
cut you up like Edward Scissorhands
you know the program I’m the mutha fuckin’ man…”

One of my all time favorite tracks on this album is “The Illest Brother”.  The beat is fast paced and is ill as the title.  The beat and rhymes will make you press the back button over and over again.

“So now he’s out the joint and he’s like flippin’ on kids
and the people in his neighborhood are flippin’ their wigs
But you gotta check the move cuz there’s a reason
a method to the madness and you know what I’m meaning
Cuz rather than being the herb, vic, or chump
you can be just like my man cold holding the pump
But living like that you take a chance with your life
but some things in life, sometimes will make you uptight
I’m like an avalanche of knowledge pounding down all fools
all fakes, all snakes
and ones who try to break the rules and regulations
Stipulations made by the GangStarr
you try to flex muscle but you know you can’t hang ha
You’re making me vexed but yeah you can go next
just remember the illest brother claims respect”

On “B.Y.S” Premier brings us that “boom bap” sound with a funky jazzy piano sample while Guru goes after his lyrical competition so he must “bust yo shit”.

“I’m like a sniper rhymes’ll strike ya when I’m rockin
mad chicks be jockin’ when the G Starr’s talking
And that’s because my word is bond
I get much fan mail and I always respond
So tell your hon to write me too
make sure she puts attention Mr. Guru
Brothers know the flow is unique
I got 100 wild styles in my black valise
MC’s wanna be me so they keep askin
for me to teach ’em methods both slow and fast
And others wanna act as if they’re better
but they only got one style which ain’t all that clever
I’m cooler than wind, harder than cold steel
I get the ladies with more than just sex appeal
A mystic psychic scanning all your thoughts
I’ll touch your soul and make your brain feel caught
When my rapture traps ya and makes you mine
You’ll submit to the gift and to the lyrical lines
So suckers realize that the size is too large
when I come through I’m pullin’ whole crews cards
I be wreckin’ correct and on the gangster tip
MC’s who front: Imma’ gonna bust your shit”

Other tracks that bang are “The Place Where We Dwell”, “Flip The Script” and “Soliloquy of Chaos” and as a whole it was as good as their previous effort “Step In The Arena”.  But it doesn’t matter which album you listen too, they always bring the jazz, the beats and the lyrics.  Every album they take it to a higher plateau.  And as Guru says,

“The rhyme style is elevated
The style of beats is elevated
but it’s still Guru and Premier
And it’s always a message involved”

-Al E.



































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