G Koop & O-Man “Profile” ft Skipper

Bay Area beatmakers G Koop & O-Man release “Profile” featuring Skipper, the latest video in their on-going documentary web series.  In an industry of ready-made samples and copy cat styles, G Koop & O-Man (along with the help of fellow musician Anthony Caruso), give the viewer a chance to step inside the mind and development of the track.  The video series, now in its 3rd season and 55th episode, follows the creative process, editing, mixing and even a live performance of the song.

G Koop & O-Man “Profile” ft Skipper

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[G Koop & O-man is a unique beatmaking play-by-play documentary series in which Bay Area musicians G Koop (Rob Mandell) and O-man (Graham Richards) create new music from scratch and film the process. Each episode reveals the creative steps taken to record the finished product and features an artist performing on the final track.]

G Koop & O-Man “Profile” ft Skipper
by DJ WorksHard

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