G Koop & O-man – Ascent ft CJ x Clay x Wax Roof


G Koop & O-man – Ascent ft CJ x Clay x Wax Roof

Continuing with their web series “G Koop & O-man“, Vol. 56 features Clay, CJ and Wax Roof.  Their YouTube series gives you a look inside the creative process. From the initial jam session, to the actual recording and live performance.  “Ascent” is the latest episode featuring HBK Gang‘s Clay, LA singer/songwriter CJ and guitarist Wax Roof.  Download and purchase the EP from G-Koop & O-Man‘s website.  

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Nowadays everybody’s a producer.  He makes beats.  She makes beats.  I can make beats on my phone.  The art of production has been skewed with all this technology at our fingertips.  G Koop & O-man are the epitome of a producer’s producer.  I had the pleasure of being present for an upcoming recording session and got to see firsthand how music is made.

Look out for their upcoming releases on YouTube and a special appearance from Boston veteran M-Dot.

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