Fugees – Blunted On Reality Album Anniversary

The Fugees – Blunted On Reality Album Anniversary

The Fugees “Blunted on Reality

fugees-blunted-on-reality-back-n-the-day-buffetThe Fugees released their debut album “Blunted on Reality” on February 1, 1994.  It was recorded in 1992 but because problems with the record label, the album dropped almost 2 years later.  It was released on Ruffhouse Records.  “Blunted on Reality” has a very Jamaican-Haitian influence due to the fact that Wyclef did the majority of the production.  The album has some bright spots and its those bright spots that will eventually give us a classic Hip Hop album with “The Score“.

The Fugees “Boof Baf

The first single off “Blunted” is “Boof Baf” where all 3 (Lauryn, Wyclef and Pras) get on the mic and trade rhymes.  This is the first time we get a glimpse of what’s to come from L Boogie.

“Aiyyo I used to drive a hooptie, check me down swoopie
Rollin’ with the Jones’ but I different homozones
See life’s got no value if I ain’t got no statue
Hannibal heads, I be the kid from “Timbuktu”
One, two, zip me-me, check the mic I’m ready
Three, four, please the army – “Oh God”, with Uzi’s
So what, converse man, the chicken or the hoodie
get the – hoodie came first then mans’ then would be Nancy
To kill the Jesse James rough, step back, check your steps
I’ll love your theory like the chi-chi-woo-woo-boogie-man
You say I’m balanced but you’re Silence of the Lambs
And when I call your name I say Candyman, Candyman, Candyman
Cause I can, can, yes, I can, can”

The Fugees “Nappy Heads

The second single “Nappy Heads” is where it all comes together.  The album version is ok, but its the remix that really slows down the lyrics and makes it a true Fugees track!  The album version is more on the hardcore tip than the more radio friendly remix, but when have we categorized the Fugees as hardcore?  From the opening sung intro by Wyclef, to the horn sample and slow pace of the track, it all makes sense and is food for ears.

“You wanna battle swing I bring commanding men like I was king
In all your dreams I write the horror flick of Stephen King
Cling to false also those papers say ock
I got tired of the fat lady so I sing to my own opera
Ba-lang-balang-balang-to-de-man-de-rock-cause I love thee
If you live by the sword you will be die by the gun
Cause all guys tell lies, and more girls commits it
I was ordered to Code Red, but now I’m chillin with A Few Good Men
Assassination on the kid from the capitol
I never play the soap opera but now I’m a General Hospital
Condition critical, spirit over who’s the physical
So if I die, catch me at the funeral
I’ll fly away, ohh glory”

The Fugees “Vocab”

The third and last single was “Vocab” that also turned into a hotter remix.  The original had a 3 members rapping over an acoustic guitar, no drum beat, just a guitar.  As dope as it may sound, the remix did exactly what the “Nappy Heads” remix did…get them radio play.  Wyclef reminisces of the old school when he spits,

“Back in the days I used to listen to Kool G Rap
Way back when before guns became gats and
Run-D.M.C. used to ask Mary was she buggin?
I loved P.E., they kept me concious of what I was saying
Afrika Bambaata, Poor Righteous Teacher
Got within myself so it made me a Five Percenter
Say La-Di-Da-Di, UHH! we like to party but
my jam was BDP, with My Philosophy
Say Grandmaster Flash, MC Melle Mel
Then LL Cool J came with Rock the Bells!
See I’m the one for the crew, like a Jew is a Jew
Like Apollo got the moon, like the men who got the blue
Like the Fu got the Manchu, Chaka got the Zulu
Hawaii got the Honolulu
I got the rap lieu, so skippedy-de-bop-bop you don’t stop
You do the rock-rock from hip-hop through be-bop
from be-bop to bee-bee”

As said before, this was a precursor of what’s to come.  Not a bad start from a group that within 2 years would explode on the rap and pop scene.

– Al E.


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