The Fat Boys – The Fat Boys Are Back Album Anniversary Review

The Fat Boys released their second studio album “The Fat Boys Are Back” on June 1 1985.  It was the follow up to their amazing self titled debut album and like their first, was produced by Kurtis Blow.

The first track from the album is the title track and it let’s you know that The Fat Boys were no “flash in the pan” and are here to stay.  With the classic Kurtis Blow production, the song sounds like it could have made it on their first album.  Prince Markie Dee goes to work with his memorable verse.

“I’m starving I’m in the mood plain and simple I NEED FOOD Eat some beans and very soon everybody in the place will leave the room for some reason I can’t reveal pass a banana so I can peel slide to the kitchen stuff my face leaving not one crumb in the place I can bust riff rafs back to back And I’ll devour any MC as if he were a snack I’ll eat and eat and drink and drink and I’ll tell ya one thing MY BREATH DON’T STINK Because the beats so funky like a big fat monkey and it tastes so good like an Almond Joy cuz I’m big and bad, mean and bold and my name is MARKIE D and I’m a FAT BOY”

Another dope track is “Don’t Be Stupid” where the Fat Boys tell us stories of people that did something stupid so we can learn from their mistakes.  Lesson learned.  Kool Rock Ski talks about a girl named Judy that was only out for one thing and it led to her demise.

“There was once a girl, her name was Judy
She was so fine with the big fat booty
But Judy was a kind of stupid girl
Who only liked guys that gave her diamonds and pearls
Material things was all she was after
And if you had the money to hear her laughter
She would laugh in your face and call you a bum
And dis you in the middle like she was dumb
Then late one night, Judy went to the store
To get some bread and milk, and not much more
But on her way back pulled up a Cadillac
It was black on black, and black to be exact
Down came the window then Judy smiled
He whispered in her ear, can you talk for awhile
But Judy said she only liked Rich men
But then nobody saw Judy again”

We also get a Part 2 to the “Human Beat Box” were Buffy does his thing on the beatbox while Mark and Kool Rock represent on the mic.  This is vintage Fat Boys!

On “Hard Core Reggae” the crew gets down with a slow reggae beat with matching slow pace lyrics.  The song is reminiscent of what Run DMC did with “Roots Rap Reggae”.   Just-Ice took this blend of reggae and rap and perfected it!  The track is different but dope for something that originally came out in 1985.

Pump It Up” is the track they performed in Krush Groove during the Disco Fever scene.  The song is dope and was not included in the original soundtrack.

Here’s the Krush Groove scene also:

The album concludes with the dope “Fat Boys Scratch” and a track called “Rock N Roll” where they rap over a heavy guitar riff just like Run and D did with “King of Rock”.  It was hard not to imitate Run DMC but the Fat Boys were more than just “biters”.  These guys were unique in every sense of the way creating music and lyrics we had never heard before.  These guys were true pioneers of the Hip Hop genre and we salute you Fat Boys!

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