Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind 15 Years Later



With her first album “Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady” Eve was able to become just the 3rd female Hip Hop artist to land a number one album.  Her 2nd release “Scorpion” looked to take her legacy to a level on par with such greats as Queen Latifah and MC Lyte.  By teaming up with superstar Gwen Stefani from No Doubt and releasing “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” on May 15th 2001, they were able to create a culture clash that transfused both Hip Hop and Rock’s finest lady’s

With Dr. Dre and Scott Storch on the beat, they provide a funky smooth backdrop that stays true to their influences from The Chronic 2001. Coming in on the vocals Eve brings her pimpesque flow and because of her ability as an emcee boldly let’s us know she’s running the game and she’s here to stay.

Some of y’all niggas hot, sike I’m gassin
Clowns I spot em and I can’t stop laughin
Easy come, easy go, E-V gon’ be lastin

It’s her rugged yet effortless flow that grabs your attention and makes your head bounce, but it’s her confidence that bleeds throughout the track

All I do is contemplate ways to make your fans mine
Eyes bloodshot, stressin, chills up your spine
Huh, sick to your stomach wishing I wrote your rhymes

On the hook, Gwen Stefani blends perfectly with the vibe and brings a hypnotic gangster flow that builds on a theme that the two of them are not be slept on

And if I had to give you more
It’s only been a year
Now I got my foot through the door
And I aint goin nowhere
It took awhile to get me in
And I’m gonna take my time
Don’t fight that good shit in your ear
Now let me blow ya mind

Throughout the video you see Eve and Gwen team up to infiltrate the “established music industry” and that’s exactly what “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” did.
The two would go on to win a Grammy for Best Rap Song Collaboration and win MTV’s Best Female Video of the Year.  With the success of their collaboration and their careers you can find both artists celebrating together this summer with This Is What the Truth Feels Like Tour

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