DJ Quik – “Safe + Sound” Anniversary Album Review

DJ Quik – “Safe + Sound” Album Anniversary

DJ Quik released his third studio album “Safe + Sound” on February 21, 1995 on Profile Records.  The album was produced by DJ Quik and it is one of his greatest (if not his greatest) albums in his catalog.


The first track that smacks you in the face is “Get At Me” where Quik goes after fellow friend and rapper “Bitch Betta Have My Money” AMG. The track is blessed with a funky Cameo “Rigot Mortis” sample and some “quik-ass” scratches.  From what Quik says, he made his money off Quik and bailed on the Quikster.

“Ni**a couldn’t even say thanks for the trouble
I would’ve spanked yo’ ass on the double
‘Cause when ya didn’t have a place to stay
you little round the way girl
my nigga took yo’ way
and that way all my homies had yo’ back
Because together they knew we had a fat ass sack
but you couldn’t stand the guns
Couldn’t wait to take ya
“Bitch betta have my…”
money and run
Kay Kay should’ve knew the motto of life (what’s that)
that ya can’t turn a hoe into a housewife (ha ha)
Because you left a lot of people unhappy ni**a
You in debt, and ya need to get at me”

He then gets nasty with “Diggin U Out” where he tells all the young tenders,

It’s like ahhh, how you like me now?
Mista Quik up in yo ass like a dog of puppy chow
Cus I’m diggy-diggin the guts out
Then I’m takin my nuts out
Rinsin ‘em off then I’m moppin out
So you tend to think I’m 5’11 but I’m six feet tall
With enough dick to have you climbin up the wall
One nuts, two nuts, three un four
Then I wake up in the morning and I bust two more
Cus that’s the freak in me, and yes I’m very doggy
Playin with your coochie till it’s nice and soggy
Saddle up the horsy then I ride West to North, East and South
And then I put it in your mouth
And shoot a missile
Right up where you whistle
Kiss it, lick it
Hoochie mama you know where to stick it”

But the title track is where Quik shines.  He slows down the flows and gives us story of his journey to stardom.  The chorus says it all:

“Some believe in Jesus
some believe in Allah
But ni**az like me believe I’m making dollars
Cause even when yo ni**az wanna be untrue
You know the money’s still good to you”

He explains how the money came in before the rap game:

“But then i’m still breaking these pebbles like bam bam
Saved them, splitting rocks,
to the um tic toc
I went from wearing khakis to Sergio Teccini
While my rocks is disappearing like the great Whodini
I bought a gang of clothes, all of my equiptment
And getting somthing new with each and every shipment
Money gets made and money gets spent
and how these jealous ni**az acting only makes it evident that…”

“Can I Eat It?” explains why a dude like Quik doesn’t perform oral on his ladies.  The track is probably the “funkiest” of all tracks on this album and needs to be played at high volumes!

“But I had to build her make for the fact that I was young
I was showing to prove the hoochies I could work they pearl tounge
But then game got kilt
Cuz the girl kept pushin’ my head all up under the quilt
And I was like damn, you must be sick
You mean you’d rather have a tongue
instead of a pair o’ nuts and a stick (You goddamn right)
And every single night, I lick it till my tongue turn white”

What would a Quik album be without a “MC Eiht” diss?  He goes after him again on “Dollaz and Sense” when he brings up another run in with the Compton’s Most Wanted rapper.

“Now Aaron Tyler, tell my why you seem so tame
When I caught you at the airport, shakin like a crap game
You looked up and you seen my ni**az comin
And you looked like your bitch ass was bout to start runnin
But all I wanted to do was kick a little coversation (yo whatup)
And see if we can fix this little situation
But would I fuck you up was what you wondered
Yeah, that’s probably why you changed your little pager number (punk ass)
But bitches like you don’t grow
You can’t even look me in my eye, let alone go toe to toe
And callin me skinny, youse a clown
I’ma call you Theo, cause you weigh ninety-two point three pounds”

Truth be told, “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”.  This has to be DJ Quik best effort!  It’s funky.  It’s gangsta.  It’s truthful.  It’s a banger from start to finish.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, he is truly “America’s Most Complete Artist”.

  • Al E.

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