DJ Muggs x Alchemist (Producers Corner)

DJ Muggs x Alchemist (Producers Corner) by DJ WorksHard

DJ Muggs x Alchemist (Producers Corner)

If you were given an opportunity to work with either DJ Muggs or Alchemist… Who would it be? We break down careers and catalogs.


dj-muggs-producers-corner-back-in-the-day-buffetLawrence Muggerud a/k/a DJ Muggs moved to LA from NY when he was 14.  After briefly djing for local acts Muggs presented some instrumental tracks to then gang banger B-Real.  Soon after they would form Cypress Hill with Sen Dog.  Muggs would go on to produce 7 albums for Cypress Hill as well as his Soul Assassins compilations and Vs. albums with Gza, Sick Jacken, Ill Bill and Planet Asia.

Muggs has produced extensively for Funkboodiest and most notably House of Pain‘s “Jump Around,” and Ice Cube‘s “Check Yo Self.”

You can catch Muggs producing tracks for many new artists as well as working on his Soul Assassins imprint.

A rare and forgotten Muggs produced joint is Last Emperor‘s “The World of Suzi Wong

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Alchemist-producer-back-in-the-day-buffetDaniel Alan Maman a/k/a The Alchemist started his career where he was born in Beverly Hills, California.  Alchemist first rapped and produced (originally as Mudfoot) with actor Scott Caan (known then as Mad Skillz) and album under the name Whooliganz in ’91.  Alchemist rose to fame producing for underground groups Dilated Peoples and Mobb Deep.

Since the emergence of Alchemist as one of THE underground Hip-Hop producers in the game, he has produced tracks for Nas, Eminem, Fat Joe, 50 Cent as well as each member of the LOX.

Early in Al’s career he met DJ Muggs who took him under his wing and tutored him in the art of sampling.  Now The Alchemist is signed to Shady Records and is Eminem‘s DJ as well as in-house producer.

Here’s an underground gem from Buc FiftyDead End Street” produced by Alchemist.

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Alchemist & DJ Muggs in the Producers Corner…
Alchemist & DJ Muggs in the Producers Corner…

So if you had an opportunity to work with either of these cats… Who would it be and why??

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