Cypher Circuit – Murder The Beat

Cypher Circuit – Murder The Beat

Can you Murder The Beat??

Back In The Day Buffet links up with Cypher Circuit to bring you this week’s installment of “Murder The Beat??”  Upload an Instagram video of your Dopest 16 Bars for the chance of a repost on CypherCircuit’s Instagram account, plus a possible feature on #InTheCypher with @CoastLoCastro. Hastag all videos with #MurderTheBeat.

This week’s beat is EPMD‘s “Danger Zone”

Back In The Day Buffet recently teamed with Cypher Circuit in a collaborative effort between the strength of their social media pages to keep Real Hip-Hop alive!

Cypher Circuit

cypher-circuit-murder-the-beat-back-in-the-day-buffetCypher Circuit is a movement determined to spread the Hip-Hop culture through a community of artists, producers and Hip-Hop heads.  They have a vast network that helps those artists and producers promote their material along with furthering the culture.

Shout out to Erick Sermon & PMD of EPMD.


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