Big Shug “Triple OGzus” Album Review

Big Shug “Triple OGzus” Album Review by DJ WorksHard

Fans of Big Shug already know “Triple OGzus” is going to have top notch beats, gritty lyrics and that pure hip-hop sound.  Coming in at 18 tracks, Shug delivers another classic album featuring production from frequent collaborators DJ Premier, Kidd Called Quest, Reel Drama and Moss, as well as DJ Brans, Gem Crates and Charles Roane.  The Gang Starr foundation member even produces a track himself (Days Go By).

That vintage Gang Starr foundation sound is all over this record and none more evident than the first two tracks produced by Preem.  The intro “I Am Somebody” has Shug spitting fierce rhymes as to why he is somebody in this hip-hop game.  The second track “I Bleed For This” is a soulful joint continuing the theme of Big Shug’s legacy with the Gang Starr Foundation and the time and sacrifices he’s made in his 20 plus years he’s bled for hip-hop.

The Kidd Called Quest produced track “I’m Not A Fan” is an ode to these new school rappers that have changed the direction and perception of hip-hop – good or bad.  Termanology and Reks lend verses and their prospectives about the current state of hip-hop music. He’s not a fan of “that garbage.”  Shug’s not hating, he’s just saying – he’s not a fan. Ha!

“Triple OGzus” features Boston vets Reks, Termanology, Singapore Kane, M-Dot and even Shug’s son Trumayne.  Personal favorites are “I’m Not A Fan,” “I Bleed For This” and the title track “Triple OGzus.”  Listen to “Showtime” feat M-Dot produced by DJ Brans with cuts by DJ Djaz.

Devoted fans of Shug’s soulful singing and melodic hymns will rejoice when they listen to “Triple OGzus.”  Don’t forget, his first single was “Treat U Better” that showcased more than Shug as an MC.  If Big Shug’s 5th studio album proves anything, it’s that Real Hip-Hop is still in his blood and rhymes.

Download Triple OGzus here on iTunes and follow Big Shug on facebook and twitter @thereelbigshug

Big Shug "Triple OGzus" Back Cover - Track Listing
Big Shug “Triple OGzus” Back Cover – Track Listing

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