Alkaholiks – “Coast II Coast” Album Anniversary

Alkaholiks – “Coast II Coast” Album Anniversary

The Alkaholiks released their second studio album “Coast II Coast” on February 28 1995.  The album was produced by E-Swift and Diamond D produced a couple of tracks as well.

On “DAAAM!” the Liks make you say just that!  E-Swift, J-Ro and Tash make you say “Daaam!” as they represent on the mic:

“Kick your, dopest rhyme I’ll break it up like 3rd Bass
I’m from the crew that sets it off by sprayin beer in your face
So the ninety-four to them I pour my niggas that remember
Means I’m steppin to the mic with lyrics colder than December
[Brrrr!] The liquidator with the hardcore demanor’s
Bustin out the perpetrators, I see though them like a Zima”

On “Next Level” they bring in Diamond D to help out with production and even drop a verse.  The beat is hypnotizing with a nice slow beat where J-Ro starts it off nice with,

“You’se a ni**a, everybody diss ‘cuz you can’t bust this
You got a bad name like Dick Butkis
Welcome to the next level of rhyme flowin’
Scratchin’, hookin’ up beats and hoe catchin’
Every time I come home, I got fifty messages
I only call back the girls with big, big breasteses
Ooh, I got bitties in all the major cities
The safest way to have sex is right between her (titties)”

The other Diamond D track is “Let It Out” where the east coast influence is there not only sonically but also via the Liks “not-so-west-coast” flow.  Diamond D samples “Enter The Dragon” and sounds like Bruce Lee is going to come out and throw his own verse!

“I bust the Alize on ice on down to Beck’s brew
I got more fame than Dana Dane I hold mics like Donahue
‘Cause I’m committed, admit it, you was too legit to quit it
Dancin’ with toilets now you can’t get busy with it”

And later with a shout out to the Kung Fu King,

“The homes be like, “Where you been?” Man I been creatin’
We had you salivation like the dogs that be waitin’
For the Kibbles n Bits, I love pits tits and rap hits
And Bruce Lee flicks, and clockin’ yaps with the Liks!

We also get a “old school treat” when the Liks give props to those that paved the way with their track “Flashback”.  They sound so throwback, you’d believe it was recorded in 1979. They take a page out of Rapper’s Delight with,

“Thanksgiving I went to mom’s house
Cookin that pork and I seen the mouse
Shit wasn’t right, I lost my appetitie
She made me stick my black ass there all night
I was stuck, she didn’t give a fuck
I found that I was shit out of luck
And my stomach had a big-ass loll
So I drunk some Pepto-Bismol
To the hip to the hop you just don’t stop
On the microphone is where I rock
Sucker MC’s talkin all that stuff
Party people let me hear you say rahhhh”

The Liks Crew are not to be slept on.  Just because they were not rapping gangsta rhymes, it doesnt mean they werent dope.  A Southern California crew that raps like their from the “Big Apple” is a mix I can get with.  Definitely an album not to miss!


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