Adidas Campus – Hip Hop Sneakers 101

Adidas Campus – Hip Hop Sneakers 101

Everyone knows that Run DMC introduced the world to Adidas Superstar (shelltoes) but the other set of Adidas that was huge in the early 80’s was the Adidas Campus.  They were a variation and upgrade to the Adidas Gazelle and they made them look more like the Superstars but without the shelltoe.  Plenty of B-Boys rocked the Adidas Campus, but the crew that rock them the most were the Beastie Boys.


The colorways came in burgundy, navy, grey and black (the most common colorway).  They were suede uppers and felt and looked like the Puma Clydes Suedes and most people would switch up the laces and get the matching color fat laces to give it that B-Boy look and appeal.  Since kids loved to imitate their Hip Hop Heroes, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys sold a lot of Adidas sneakers.  I know I did!


The majority of B-Boys had a pair of Shelltoes and a pair on Campus Adidas, due to the fact that Shelltoes were made of leather where Campus’s were made out of suede.  Campus had dark colors and Shelltoes had light colors and because B-Boys needed to coordinate their clothes with their shoes, you needed way more than just 1 pair of Adidas.  Color matching has always been and will always be the only way to go!


As for today, people still wear them religiously and now come in all different and weird colorways.  The majority of old school Hip Hop sneakers have survived and are still around today.  Sadly shoes like Troops, British Knights, Diadoras, and Lottos are rarely seen and some companies don’t even exist anymore.  The Adidas Campus is one of those shoes that will stand the test of time.  Why?  Because they look some damn fresh on your feet!


-Al E.

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