BDP – “Sex and Violence” Album Anniversary

BDP – “Sex and Violence” Album Anniversary

BDP released their fifth and final studio album “Sex and Violence” on February 25, 1992.  The album was produced by Kenny Parker, Pal Joey, and Prince Paul.  The album, like all BDP albums are politically and socially charged.

The album starts off with KRS and Freddie Foxxx kicking it the “The Original Way” freestyling on the mic and just making the people bounce with lines like:

“Now all type things that went on this evening
They all say they fresh but I’m here now
Who you believin
Who couldn’t hear a hit if you hit up
What a pity, you tried to be quick wit the tongue
Your style is dibbie-dibbie
You need no lyrical rush in your mumblin
Whatchu sayin?
I serve you up like stove top stuffing
I’m gonna say this once and I mean this
Disattach yaself from my penis
Give my genitals room to breathe
You take shots at me wit a weak album I can’t believe
You got no skills, chill plus your corny
You think your hardcore ’cause you got a 40?”

The teacher teaches on “Duck Down” where KRS is throwing lyrical blows like:

“I don’t battle to lose or win, I battle
To ruin your whole career, yo, watch what you doin
I’m permanent punk, like a metallic marker
KRS-One, but you’ll call me Mr. Parker
A pity I’m K-are, you ain’t no superstar
Ha ha hee hee, BlastMaster KRS-One be
Ripping up MC’s with their meaningless words, why’know
There’s more wit, to one of my turds of shit
You ain’t shit, you never was shit
So I spit, on your number one hit, now quit!
Leave the poetry, it’s just too strong for thee
Maybe we should rethink the strategy see
Poetry I speak, fluently I think youse a sucker
Cause the only word you know is motherfucker”

He brings the conscious rap with “Drug Dealer” and “Throttle” where he talks about how drug dealers continue to be greedy and don’t give back to the community, and how black people want to be Muslims but don’t even know what being Muslim truly is.  The man does not stray away from controversy or questions on race relations especially those that are not true to their own culture.  On “13 and Good” he raps about a situation where he was with a girl, and while she’s “performing” on him, she tells him she’s 13.  He was embarrassed and scared yet he claims…”but she was good!”  Most definitely controversial!

“Build and Destroy” is probably the hardest and dopest track on the album.  He goes after his biggest critic X-Clan, but he doesn’t go after them with insults.  He comes after them with truths and asks them to dispute it.  It’s the only way the teacher debates other people’s ideologies and theories.

“Yo, I love the way I am and can’t nobody out here change me
Rearrange me, tame me, try to game me, you don’t play me
When I grab the mic then shock the party spot
Your rhymes are flip-flop, I’ll rock, hip-hop
Non-stop, me nah stop rock
You can touch this, but you’ll get shot
Now what’s this all about? Kris and humanity
In my face you’re happy, on vinyl you’re mad at me
Yo, pro-blackness is your solution
But I don’t really know about that style you using yo
Too many teachers in the class spoil the class
After awhile you got blabbering fucking fools”

Later in the song he spits,

“What are you doing for yourself black man?
Trying hard to be the original man – who?
The first man, with the first tan, on the first land
With the first clan, who gives a damn!”

“Ruff” is just that with Freddie Foxxx and on “We In There” we get some old school Hip Hop flavor courtesy of Kenny Parker on the boards and the Teacher on the mic.

“The type of lyrical terrorism I present
Educates people at the same time pays my rent
You’ve been hearin’ me now for the past twelve semesters
When the suckers stepped up I had to use the drastic measures
I know you want to step to me kid!
But you’re thinkin’ “Damn Kris is kinda big!”
Plus he rolls wit a crew that don’t care
And drops a hit album, hit video, hit single every year
From your eye drops a tear
I don’t play that shit, I play that hit
Your whole gangsta image is not legit
You heard “Criminal Minded”, and bit the whole shit
Now if I punch you in your face I’d be wrong
Don’t even think about battling with a song
You’ll be gone, your career ain’t strong enough to call my bluff
You ain’t rough, you ain’t tough, you’ll be handcuffed
With your ribcage crushed
Naked in a box, with multicolored tube socks
You know my fuckin’ name
Blastmaster KRS is thinkin’ long range!”

Although it is the 5th studio album KRS One had released, he still was consistent.  He didn’t change his style and kept doing what he knows best…teaching.  Like D-Nice said, “To teach the each is what Rap intended” and that’s exactly what Kris Parker has done!

-Al E.

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