Salt N Pepa on Ghostwriting and their upcoming I Love The 90’s tour



Hip-Hop vanguards, Salt n Pepa, stopped by Sway in The Morning to give an

interview that was equal parts nostalgic, weird, and informative. The duo was there

to promote their “I Love The 90’s Tour.” Other artists on the bill include Coolio, Kid

‘N Play, Young MC, Biz Markie, and, of course, Vanilla Ice. It is still unclear whether

or not Vanilla Ice will be performing with any of his “Amish ninjas,” or giving home

improvement tips in between songs.

The interview kicked off with Pepa explaining to radio hosts Heather B and Sway,

how she used Kool-Aid to dye her hair a Chinese New Year red. Since the color of her

hair was getting a little brown, Pepa decided to go get some “fruit punch kool-aid

and conditioner, and mix it, then put it in [her hair].” For any of you readers that

want to look like a supporting character in an anime or a real life Jessica Rabbit, you

now have a foolproof method to do so. It’s not every day you get beauty tips on a

Hip-Hop radio show. So cherish Pepa’s gifts of wisdom.

Additionally, Salt went on to discuss her opinion on the issue of ghostwriting in Hip

Hop. Rappers not writing their own rhymes is inherently linked to the often

paradoxical nature of authenticity within the genre. Hip-hop fans want their favorite

artists to be “real” and this “realness” is associated with the words they spit being

their own. Salt’s position was pretty diplomatic and in line with her pop

sensibilities. She said “a brilliant person will sit with writers that will contribute. If

you’re one person writing everything you’re blocking out a lot of creativity.” I have

to agree with Salt on this one. At the end of the day, rappers are artists. And the

desire for an artist to not collaborate will prove a lesson in futility, going it alone is


Salt n Pepa did a lot to advance the legitimacy of female M.C’s within hip-hop

culture. Sway acknowledged this fact in between references to his hometown

Oakland (as he does every single interview), and telling Salt that he would like to

“catch a burp” out of her mouth. I told you this interview was weird. Anyways, Salt n

Pepa were one of the first female groups to cross over into to the pop music sphere

and prosper. Not only were they commercially successful, selling over 11 million

records, but also critically acclaimed, racking up 5 grammys over the course of their

career. Salt n Pepa shouldn’t be dismissed as some pop-rap duo, but instead revered

for the long lasting contributions they made to the genre, and the manner in which

they paved the way for the female artists that followed them.

I’m definitely going to try to catch Salt n Pepa live this Summer, if only to spit some

game at a few women over 35. You can watch the full interview below.

Salt N Pepa on Ghostwriting and their upcoming I Love The 90’s tour

by Jack Douglas

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