Happy Birthday Spice 1

Happy Trigger Birthday to Spice 1.   Inserting trigger in those wishes seems fitting for the East Bay Gangster himself.  He has blessed us for 20 years with violent tales from the Bay along with a bit of social commentary sprinkled in there.   Spice was born in TX, but quickly left for the Bay Area and aligned himself with the legendary Too Short.   An EP was released which caught the attention of Jive records who was still thirsty for tales from the street.   His full length debut was released in 92 and suddenly Spice found himself with fans across the country.   “Welcome to the Ghetto” was his lead single and was a stark difference from the violent lyrics on his debut.  You really feel his pain in this song as he voices his frustrations: random violence in his neighborhood and the fact that the cocaine that’s prevalent in his neighborhood doesn’t originate from The Bay Area.   The smooth SOS Band’s “No Ones Gonna Love You”   sample accentuated his thoughts.  Marvin crooning on the hook was a pleasant surprise.
Spice-1_1Menace II Society stormed on the scene in 1993 along with the best soundtrack in history.   ‘Trigga Gots No Heart” was Spice’s addition to the project and was one of the smoothest rides while he tells a violent tale from his neighborhood.  This lead to 1993’s “187 He Wrote” and 94’s “Amerikkkas Nightmare”: Spice now had 3 gold albums and slew of popular singles.  For the next decade, Spice released an album every other year.   He took a break from recording but returned with “Thug Therapy” in 2015.    Spice found himself in a bit of beef with my favorite rapper, Soulja Boy Tell “Em in 2008.   Soulja Boy went on YouTube and had some disrespectful words for west coast icon Ice-T.    Spice immediately shot a YouTube video in response letting the young millionaire know he needs to put some respect to Ice T’s name.


I love lyrical murderers as much as the next man.  Nas, AZ, GZA, Ghost, 3 Stacks, Big Pun, B.I.G., and Redman are some of the greatest ever on the mic. Spice may not have the lyrical dexterity of some of his peers.  He definitely isn’t going to outrap B Rabbit.   The production along with his ability to create vivid stories on his album is tremendous.  Sometimes I don’t want to hear verbal gymnastics; I just want to zone out and hear stories while giving my neck a workout.   Listening to this album is much like playing GTAV.   Sure there are tons of missions and heists to complete.  But what gives as much satisfaction is just to run around and cause mayhem for no reason.   That’s listening to the East Bay Gangster.  Let’s celebrate his birthday and enjoy 4 classic Spice 1 records that should be in your playlist.


This was his first song on his major debut.     His vivid description of his neighborhood (not a ghetto) set the tone for the entire album.   Shooting at cops, blasting his homeboy’s dope fiend pops and shooting the mother’s tittie was just another part of his day.   The music on this one was the real winner.  Growing up in a jazz household, the George Duke sample was immediately recognized.  Go listen to this album immediately.

My 12 year old son loves this song.   There was so much murder and mayhem on this song that Grand Theft Auto 5 put it on its “Westcoast Classic” radio station.   Spice1 and Mc Eiht have been murdered plenty on their songs together.   Murda Show is no different.

Spice rhymes

Step in to the torture chamber nigga let me torture
Hangers on your motherfuckin’ back bring ya scorcher
Psychopathic mad man dead body chucker
Quick to pull the trigger on another motherfucker

Case closed!!!  This was one of Eiht’s first productions and was the perfect soundtrack to the lyrical murders


2 Pac was another frequent collaborator with Spice 1.   This was their first collaboration and was pure magic.    Both Pac and Spice traded rhymes over a classic Blackjack beat.  Both let us know they are not to be effed with

What a treat Spice 1 crafted for us.   He put on his introspective hat on and reminds us of street perils.  Spice gets reflective and wonders if he is making the right decisions in the streets.  This gem sounds like there were some live instruments in the studio.  The angel singing on the hook was a nice addition to this smooth ride.




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